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The planning, the visioning, the dreaming and the wishing…it all comes down to this.

You just have to do it. Take action.

Here are some reminders on the reality of taking action:

It is not glamorous. You’re going to get your hands dirty. It’s time to roll up those sleeves.

It’s not easy. Heck, if it was easy you’d have started YONKS ago. But it’s not impossible. Remember this.

It’s not going to last forever. Everything is temporary. This is your journey. And each step is bringing you closer to the finish line. You won’t be here forever.

It can be fun. YES! This work can be fun. It can be exhilarating. It can be inspiring. It can be pleasurable. It can be the most meaningful work you ever do. Ever.

It might not work out. I know that’s why you hold yourself back. You are afraid of failing. And look, let’s be honest, that’s a possibility. But would you survive? YES. Would your world keep on turning? ABSOLUTELY. Most importantly, would you learn from the failure so next time it’s a sucess? OF COURSE YOU BLOODY WOULD.


Taking action.

It’s the biggest stumbling block because for so long we have been inactive. Passive. We have trained ourselves to WAIT. Wait for things to come to us. Wait for the world to change. Wait for opportunities to land in our laps.

Waiting time is over. You are wanting to have an extraordinary life? You have to put some skin in the game.

So it’s time to stop reading and start doing. Make your life incredible today but just starting. Take that first step. You’ve got this.

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