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When I had my second child, I lost it a little. I lost my confidence. I lost my self-belief. I lost trust in myself. All of a sudden life seemed harder. The question on my mind became

“How do I do this?”

I think back to many moments in my life where I started off saying “how do I do this?”

…my 4 month exchange trip to France when I was 15

…my first day at university

…my first international trip for work

…my first big public speech.

…so many more…

Each time I began with the thought “how am I going to do this??”

And I’m sure you have felt the same. Even now, if you are facing something new, something you’ve never done before, you are probably thinking “how is this going to happen?”

Well, going back to my first few months as a mum of 2, where I had no idea how to go shopping with a baby AND a toddler AND not lose anyone in the process – it wasn’t easy. At first, it was hard. The first time I went out, I probably lasted half an hour before I packed up the kids and went straight back home. But when I got home I realised “hey, we survived”. Using that experience, I was then able to go out again. And each time I got a little bit more confident. I got a little bit more organised. I got a little bit better.

Because that’s what happens. When we are faced with the unknown and no choice but to move forward, we just go. At first, the going is hard. We might stumble a bit. But each stumble is a lesson. Each fall makes us stronger. And soon we are going so fast that we look back at think “wow, was I really scared at the beginning?”

Each time you go to start something new, it will be hard. Of course. It’s new and you don’t have the experience. YET.

But in time and with patience, you will get better and better. So don’t let not knowing how to move forward stop you. Remind yourself that you’ve been in this situation before, you’ve worked it out, you know that it won’t be easy at first. Remind yourself that you will get better.

Because you will get better!

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