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Something I tend to rant about is being at cause and at effect.

Firstly, what does Cause and Effect mean?

When we place meaning on an event, we put ourselves in a position of being either at cause or at effect. When we are at cause, we are assuming responsibility for the outcome and our reaction, we are owning the results and hold ourselves accountable for whatever happens. At effect is when we are blaming others, denying it’s even a problem or issue and playing the victim.

Ok, I’ll give you an example.

Two women, Tammy and Judy, go for the same position. They are both equally qualified and experienced. However, neither of them get the position. Tammy reacts horrified, she complains to all who will listen that she didn’t get the job. She even starts to talk badly about the company she wanted to work for. In comparison, Judy acknowledged herself for giving it a go, accepted that there is nothing in her control that she could do to change the situation and started looking for another position.

Who is at cause and who is at effect?

It’s pretty easy to see that Judy is at cause and by being at cause, she is in a far more resourceful state of mind to move forward and look towards bigger and better things.

I read this article today and a sentence really jumped out at me.

We have a 100% control over how we choose to respond to the way other people are in our lives and our circumstances.

This is what it means to be at cause. The above fact (yes, it’s a fact. You can try and deny it but it is still true) reminds us that it isn’t about THEM. It’s not their fault/responsibility if you missed an opportunity, feel angry, gain weight etc.

It’s up to us!

This can be a hard pill to swallow but what it gives us is freedom. When we come to accept that our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are our responsibility alone, we are no longer tied down to a particular way of being. We can chose to be happy whenever we want. We can chose to feel love. We can chose to move on.

Once you are ready to accept responsibility for the results you get in your life things will instantly shift. Life starts being about you and your vision. And you can choose from today onwards to always enjoy whatever life brings! How awesome is that?

I’d love to hear from you and how you play between being at cause and at effect. We all have times where we dwell at effect, but it’s about how get over that. So how do you get yourself from being at effect to being at cause? Or if it is something you are struggling with, what is holding you back and keeping you stuck? Comment below!

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