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We only get one life…this is your time to step up!

Is this how you are feeling right now

  • Stuck in a dead end job feeling like you aren’t going anywhere or achieving anything?
  • Waking up each day feeling as if it is ground hog day and nothing ever changes
  • Often questioning “is this all there is?”
  • Feeling like you are wasting your potential and the best years of your life?
  • Wondering “what IS my purpose? Do I even have one?”
  • Living pay check to pay check and not feeling as if you are working towards something
  • Generally just feeling really disengaged from life and constantly escaping reality through food, alcohol and trashy TV (<<< FYI this was me!!)

Well, I have two pieces of good news for you:

  1. You are not alone – I have been in your EXACT place
  2. You can CHANGE your life – I am living proof of that


Introducing my signiture coaching program, designed to help you get from wherever you find yourself now to a life beyond your wildest dreams!


Greater Motivation

You will uncover this energy within you and learn how to harness it to use it to get whatever you want done fast.


Greater Confidence

No more shrinking and hiding for you. You will shake off what has been limiting you and rise into the queen you were always meant to be.


Improved Self-Esteem

After our sessions, you will be loving yourself sick. You will be empowered to listen to and trust the guidance within you.


Access to better Opportunities

Past clients have celebrated success at work, improved relationships and even manifested an apartment! Through transformational coaching, the world will be your oyster!


Deeper Self-Awareness

The key to great success is to know thyself. By knowing yourself you will have the freedom to make better decisions, have access to better mindsets and strategies that will lead to greater happiness and success.


and much more...

Step 1: Clarity

Our program starts with getting crystal clear on what it is that you truly want. We look at different aspects of your life – from career & finances to relationships & health. The end result will be you declaring what you want your life to be.


Step 2: DeClutter

Once we have clarity on what you want, we then work to remove all limiting beliefs and any perceived obstacles that you face. This is a heavy lifting mind-set session and many clients have found these sessions to be the most important of them all. Once you have awareness of what is holding you back, they lose all power.

Step 3: vision

We then get to action by building your dream life, bit by bit. We build a compelling vision for your future – 3 months, 12 months, 5 years out. Through a series of images and words, you create positive anchors that will remind you daily of the goals you are working hard for. The touch stones that will always bring you back to your purpose.

Step 4: 90 day action plan

One of my favourite mottos is “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. We prevent any overwhelm by putting into place an actionable plan, a road map, that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Step 5: implementation

In this session we go through some different tools and practical resources that will support you to seeing your action plan through to completion. I will hold your hand through the whole process, helping you to follow through on the promises you have made to yourself.

step 6: review, revise, recalibrate

Constant and never ending improvement is an important skill so it is important to always be reviewing the steps we are taking and understanding what is and isn’t working. Learning and pivoting is crucial to get to where you need to go and will help you to always move forward.

I contacted Michelle Jack in order to get some more order and clarity to my goals for this year, and assistance in how to achieve them as rapidly as I could. The outcome was above my expectations and I instantly felt more confident and clear on how and why I would achieve my goals, it really felt like a brick had lifted from my shoulders! I would strongly recommend anyone who want to kick some butts this year in any area of their life to contact Michelle. Her amazing fun, loving energy is very contagious and the level of commitment is high!

 Monica Sandercock

The biggest impact for me was a shift in my language for one of my goals. Michelle asked me great questions to really get me thinking about what my actual goal was, and through this process I expanded my thinking outside the box and that gave me immediate freedom. She was also able to provide valuable insights and suggested a resource for me to follow up, which was awesome! The content on that website was exactly what I needed, for Michelle to pick up on that was very impressive.

Vanessa Medling

In the short time I had the pleasure of working with Michelle on my goals, I found her engaging, light-hearted and fun. We worked together to clearly distinguish the goals out and addressed some possible roadblocks. At the conclusion of the coaching, she laid out my goals for me in a way that I could make an action plan and gave me the gift of being able visualize a future with them achieved. If you have an opportunity to have Michelle get fire in your belly, go for it!

Tash Menkens 


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