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When I was in year 7, I remember my art teacher commenting on my homework, saying it was pathetic.


Harsh for a 12 year old to hear, am I right? Well it really hurt me. I cried. I wasn’t particularly strong in art but from that moment on, I had absolutely zero confidence in myself and my artistic abilities.

Words are formidable. They can lift people up or, as I have experienced and I’m sure you have too, can tear us down. They can form beliefs, shape opinions and change lives.

Understanding the power words have in our world is crucial because they create our realities.

If you tell yourself often enough “I’m useless”, sooner or later you will believe it and end up with no self confidence. I used to call myself an idiot every time I made a mistake or did something clumsy. Really really little things like spilling a drink or dropping something, I would scold myself and say “Idiot!” Didn’t really foster the self-love I desperately needed.

When I started my own journey of personal development, I was taught about the power of language and why it is important to watch how I talk to myself. I’ve learned that you need to become aware of what you tell yourself each and every day. For example, how do you talk to yourself when you are getting dressed? Are you admiring how beautiful you look? Or are you pointing out all the things you wish were different? When you are in a crowd of people, are you feeling unsure and worried about what everyone thinks of you? Or are you telling yourself that you are awesome and everyone is going to love you?

Imagine how different your day would be if inside your head you had a tiny cheerleader instead of a negative Nancy.

I’m starting a 30 Day Self Care challenge (kicking off the 1st of December. To join, click here) and we are going to be focusing on putting ourselves first. When we do this, we open our worlds up to happiness, joy and success. Treating ourselves with kindness all begins with how we talk to ourselves. Our inner monologue needs to be as kind and as loving as a conversation with our children. You would never tell a child that they are stupid or fat – so why do we tell ourselves these awful things?

My challenge to you today is to watch how you talk to yourself. Become aware of the thoughts and the words then change them when they are too negative. Be your own cheerleader!

If you want to supercharge this practice, then join us for the 30 day self-care challenge. It is going to be great and you will feel like a completely different woman at the end of it.

So, repeat after me, “I am awesome!”

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