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I’ve heard people call themselves a ‘perfectionist’. Even I’m guilt of uttering the words ‘I just want all of this to be perfect’. Have you ever been frozen in fear on a project because it just wasn’t quite ‘perfect’? Or has that ever stopped you doing something, the fact that you won’t be ‘perfect’? If we are all honest with ourselves, I’m sure there have been moments when we have tried to chase perfection.
Take a breath. And maybe sit down for this next part. The first step to beating perfection is to acknowledge that there is no such thing. That’s right. Perfection doesn’t exist. There is no place on earth where something is flawed in someone’s eyes. I checked out and found that perfection is defined as ‘the state or quality of being or becoming perfect.’ And perfect is defined as ‘conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type’. Herein lies our problem. Who gets to create the definition of an ideal type? We all have our own ideas of what an ideal body shape is or what an ideal home looks like. There is no one agreed definition of what can be considered perfect. Therefore it cannot exist.
Furthermore, the allure of perfection is that it is unattainable. Perfection is this difficult standard to live up to and when we see someone we consider ‘perfect’, we hold them on a pedestal, totally separate from us. Perfection is always out of reach and impossible to get. This is why it is a GREAT excuse not to get on with our lives. How can we even THINK about settling down with a guy when they aren’t perfect? There’s no point to job searches because that perfect job doesn’t exist. Let’s not even consider a healthy diet or gym – who can get the perfect body? See how perfection becomes a great excuse to not set goals and take action to achieve them?
When we use perfection as an excuse to stay stuck, what we are really saying is ‘I have no standards at all’. When perfection holds us back, the mentality is ‘all or nothing’. There’s no room for sub-perfection. We don’t even acknowledge the little wins we have and we have no way of measuring growth. Without being proud of each step that we take and noticing when we are changing for the better, very soon we lose motivation to continue and we give up.
So don’t let perfection hold you back. Acknowledge that nothing will ever be perfect. But that is the way it’s meant to be. Perfectly imperfect. Rock on imperfectly!

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