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There are so many times in our lives that we fake it. When somebody asks ‘how are you?’ We reply with ‘great thanks’ even though we are actually feeling a bit rotten. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer it when someone is real and honest with me. Not only do I feel respect and compassion for them but I also feel safe to be real and honest back.

The truth is, we don’t just fake it in our relationships, we fake it to ourselves daily. We accept our own bullshit so easily that it stops being wrong and starts being part of who we are. It could look like not sticking to a diet or not following through on our promises. We make excuses and rationalise our circumstances. Sorry to say that those excuses are complete and utter BS.

 Here are top 8 ways we OD on the BS daily and what we can do instead:

BS Truth Bomb
Thinking ‘I’m not good enough’ This one is simple. Honey, you ARE good enough. You are MORE than good enough. So quit thinking like that and instead focus on your strengths.
Being a YES woman When you say ‘no’ people don’t hate you. You aren’t letting them down. They will survive. In fact, they will thrive. Starting saying yes to yourself more and worry less about other people.
Eating junk food You know it’s wrong. Maybe once a week is fine, but not every day. So stop letting yourself get away with this self-sabotaging behaviour. You are better than that.
Running out of time or wasting time We all have the same amount of hours in a day. You, me, Beyonce – we all get 24 hours. Start prioritising your most important tasks, based on your goals. There is enough time to do what is most important.
Worrying about money Stop thinking thoughts of lack and instead start thinking thoughts of ‘I have enough money for what I need’. Focus on what you do have. Because what you focus on is what you get. There’ll always be enough money for what you really want. Just make sure it’s aligned to your values.
Comparing yourself to someone else The person you are comparing yourself to, is comparing themselves with someone else. You cannot see something in someone else that doesn’t already exist in you. So whatever qualities you admire in another person, have a look inside and see where you are the same.
Not following through Each time we don’t follow through with something or break a promise, our self-esteem is affected.
Saying ‘No’ to opportunities Famous author Marianne Williamson once wrote that we are most afraid of our light, not our darkness (imperfections/faults). It is natural to be afraid of awesome opportunities when they come up. Fear of the unknown is perfectly understandable. AND you can also overcome it. No more saying no when you really mean yes!
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