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I was in Melbourne recently and I saw a musical called “The Book of Mormon”. It was hilarious! I highly recommend it – I am still singing the songs in my head.

I was lucky enough to be sitting in the fourth row – so close to the stage. I really focused on the face of each actor. And I thought “wow – these guys are living the dream”. They would’ve worked so hard their whole life to polish their singing, dancing and acting skills. They would’ve gone to countless auditions, putting themselves out there again and again. And yet here they are, singing their hearts out and bringing joy to thousands. I reckon that would feel better than winning the lottery.

When you look at famous muscians, like Ed Sheeran or Beyonce, do you think “wow they are so lucky, life must be so easy for them?” If you do – you are only seeing the tip of the ice berg and are missing the much bigger lesson.

Ed Sheeran’s music takes my breath away and Beyonce, well, I don’t know how she does it but her music makes me feel better about myself. They are talented, for sure. But that is only once piece of the puzzle. It is their commitment to success, their resiliance, their unwavering belief in themselves that has seen them become so successful.

And we all have that within ourselves. We have the ability to commit to our dreams. We have the ability to get back up each time we get knocked down. And it’s up to us to believe in ourselves.

(Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash)

Muscians inspire me. From that talented troupe of “The Book of Mormon” to the hit-making machines like Ed & Beyonce – and everyone in between. When I see anyone perform, I see a beautiful soul wanting to bring joy and happiness to the world through their unique talents. Something I strive to do every day.

Think about who inspires you. Why? What is it about them that motivates you and inspires you to think bigger? Don’t just look at their success – look at the hard work they did to get them there. Don’t just look at their abundance – look at how they believed even when they had little. Then you will be truly inspired.

I’d love to hear who inspires you. Head on over to my facebook page and tell me.

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