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Who is in your life that helps you to see the glass half full? Who has done incredible things and has achieved a level of success that you aspire to?

If you can’t think of anyone you know who has a shit hot life that you want to be able to replicate or at least learn from, then you need to get yourself some inspiration.

Nothing is as motivating or inspiring or as sole igniting as having something in your life that you can look to and see what life can actually be like. Until you’re surrounded by people that are really going for it and making stuff happen and enjoying life and making the most out of each day you’re not going to know that things could be any different. You’re going to keep doing the same thing day in, day out, surrounded by monotony, surrounded by other people who are just saying, same thing as you. “Same Shit Different Day”

BUT that doesn’t have to be your life. The first thing you need to do is be aware that there’s a different way out there and the best way to do that is to find inspiration around you. Find the evidence. You need to have some external influences, external knowledge and some external perspective. To do that, you need to surround yourself with people who you look up to. Who you would love to trade lives with. Who has this aura around them. All the success and happiness and fulfilment. Spend the majority of your time with people who are like this.

Life is way, way, way too short.

Think about those people who bring you down, who don’t have anything nice to say and are always grumbly. Are they the best people to have in your life? If they’re not going to help you create a life that is truly worth living – do you want them around? If they were really, really interested in your welfare and your well-being, they would support whatever steps you take to improve your life. They’ll be so inspired by the changes that you’re making and probably make a change themselves.

So instead of being held back by people who didn’t know any differently, stop being inspired by the success stories around you. And if you don’t have someone that you can think of in your life, then go on instagram. Go on facebook, go on Youtube. There’s so many inspirational people out there that you can learn from and get inspired by and motivated from. There’s so many people out there who are sharing their learnings. They are being this positive sort of light house for us all, and that is how you are going to be able to get from where you are now to where you want to be. By watching other success stories, it will help you to believe in yourself enough to do something different and make some changes in your life. You will feel inspired to get started.

So go out there and get INSPIRED!

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