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When it comes to loving yourself, most people are confused. Sometimes we think that the path to loving ourselves is through getting a healthy body, losing weight, getting fitter, getting better skin/hair/teeth etc.

It’s like the chicken and the egg. What comes first? Looking good or feeling great?

Sure when we look good we instantly feel great. So it’s easy to understand why we think the two are connected and that looking good should be what we strive for.

However – feeling great because of how we look is temporary. It’s fleeting. It sadly disappears.

What is everlasting though, is generating those good feeling emotions from within. When we feel great about ourselves and those feelings are generated soley on our internal thoughts & beliefs, we can experience deep and lasting self-love.

Let me repeat that. We experience deep and lasting self-love when we generate those emotions from within.

So how can we start to generate those emotions from within? How can we learn to love ourselves? Here is a list of ideas – not exhaustive, I think it should be added to on a daily basis – but something to at least get you started on the road to loving yourself sick.

  • Cut out the stinkin’ thinkin’. No more negative talk about yourself in your head. Bin that shit now.
  • Start appreciating each aspect of your body. Be grateful for each and every fibre of your being.
  • Make a daily habit of sending love to your body. Today, I’m sending love to my hands – so useful, so strong, so capable!
  • Forgive the slips. Don’t beat yourself up when you eat something you know you shouldn’t. Don’t go guilt tripping yourself because you didn’t go to the gym. Be kind to yourself.
  • Stop judging others. When we cast judgement on others we are really highlighting our own flaws.
  • Accept the things about you that might not be “perfect”. I have a big wonky nose that I used to really hate. But it’s such a part of who I am now that I love my nose!

Now it’s your turn. Add to this list. What other ways can we start to generate the self love feelings from within?


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