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Today I found myself questioning “what’s the point?” What is the point of me writing this blog post? What is the point of my Instagram pictures? What’s the point of writing and sharing my thoughts?

I was focused on “What’s in it for me?” And not coming up with anything.

The problem here is: I was focused on me – not on others.

I was focused on taking action that was guaranteed to result in what I wanted. Which always leaves me stuck because you can’t control what other people will and won’t do.

Instead I should’ve focused on what can I do that will be the most helpful for others?

So many times I get feedback (especially from my friends and family) about posts I do. I don’t even think about those posts but people tell me they really love them, it was uplifting, it was inspiring, it was super positive etc. (when I say I don’t think about them, I put lots of thought into the creation of it but once it’s published, I move on).

Each time I get this awesome feedback, I’m reminded of the ripple effect. We have no idea what the possible consequences of our actions are for other people. We know the consequences when it affects us, but not when it affects others (unless of course they tell us).

So this is exactly the point. We do it to help others. When we do certain things, we have no idea how we are helping others. We have no idea that just by simply showing up, we can make someone’s day easier. By being ourselves, we encourage others to do the same. By sharing our thoughts, we help others to feel not so alone.

Whilst we are all at different stages of our journey, we are on the same journey together. So what you have experienced or are experiencing now will resonate with other people. And if you can share what you’ve learned or are learning – it will help others.

So next time you stop yourself thinking “what’s the point?” Ask yourself “how might this help someone else?” And focus on that. Because I can guarantee you if it helps others than it is more than worth it.

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