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Oh Joe, you really have put your foot in it this time.

In case you didn’t hear, yesterday our federal treasurer (the guy who looks after our country’s finances) advised first home buyers to “get a good job that pays good money“, in order to afford to buy a house.

It’s shockingly terrible advice, which reflects just how much Mr Hockey is out of touch with mainstream Australia.

His comment has sparked alot of discussion about the appropriateness of the comment, the unaffordability of the housing market and general doom and gloom about employment. Unfortunately, this type of discussion leads people to make decisions based on fear.

Fear of not having a secure future. Fear of not feeling safe. Fear of not being accepted.

It can be the very thing that stops people from going out on their own and creating the business of their dreams. If you have thought about starting your own business, one of the biggest factors to consider is how will it support my lifestyle? Sticking with your day job and working for a regular salary feels safe and secure. Especially if you have dreams of buying and owning a house. There are mortgage repayments, bills, rates….

There is a lot I can talk about in regards to creating a safety net when you make the transition and how it is possible to build the business of your dreams but the real issue is fear and what happens when we make fear based choices.

Think of a time when you made a decision based on wanting to feel safe rather than on what you truly wanted. I remember countless times I made choices based on wanting to fit in and be accepted by the group that I missed out on key opportunities that would’ve been so much fun. Not that I regret those decisions, I’ve just learnt how I would do it differently next time.

When we make a choice out of fear, we ignore our true hearts desire. We ignore our calling, our purpose and our passion. The result? We end up in a job we hate. We end up living pay check to pay check, generally hating the corporate rat race.

What we need to do instead is take the “safe option” off the table.

When we take away all the other options, instead of thinking “what if this doesn’t work?” Instead we have to, out of necessity, find ways of making it work.

Let’s get really practical. You want to quit your current job and start your own floristry business. Sweet, excellent. Let’s pretend that in 6 months time, you are going to be made redundant. Whilst we are just pretending, I want you to make it feel really REAL. Knowing that in 6 months you need to find an alternative source of income, what can you do today to start building that. If you wanted to work with flowers, how would you begin that path? Off the top of my head I can think of 6 things already: look into short floristry courses, talk to other florists who have established successful businesses, work out what you need to make each week to maintain your lifestyle, visit the flower market as many times as possible to build relationships with flower suppliers, decide on what customers you want to attract (daily, everyday customers or bridal customers for example) and start talking to people who have set up their own business to learn about that side of things.

Regardless of what it is you actually want to do, recognise that you are where you are because you think you are playing it safe. Start to play this pretend game with yourself and create your own action plan. When you feel motivation slipping or you lose momentum, put some skin in the game. Up the ante. Tell your boss you want to work part time as of X date. Make it real.

The best choice we can make for ourselves is the one that makes our heart sing. So if you use that as a compass, you will never ever get lost.

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