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As I wrote yesterday, the first step to overcoming your obstacles is to be aware of exactly what is holding you back.

I can hear you saying “Duh, Michelle, tell me something I don’t know.”

As simple as it sounds, sometimes we can’t see the very thing that is staring at us right in the face. Why? Because we are SO used to the limits and blocks that have kept us stuck for so long.

It’s like a horse who has been tied up to a single point in a yard. It learns, over time, the limits of that rope. It learns, day after day, that it cannot go beyond the rope. And one day, when the rope gets taken off, the horse still doesn’t venture beyond the original rope boundaries because it doesn’t know or think it can. It’s be programmed to have limits.

That is exactly what has happened in our own lives. We have been programmed to believe that our dreams are beyond our reach.

Well that all changes today. With a series of power questions, you are going to dive deep into what exactly is holding you back. Today is just about creating awareness. You don’t have to take any action (unless you want to, if so then GO GIRL!). Just be aware of what is holding you back and start to open your mind to the possibility that life could be different. Be open to the idea that those limits could be dissolved. Entertain the notion that you can go beyond the boundaries.

So grab a pen and a journal and answer the following questions:

  • What area of your life, if it was exactly as you would love it to be, would have the greatest impact? (i.e. health, wealth, realtionships, career etc)
  • What is your main goal for that area?
  • Describe what life would be like if that focus area was exactly as you want it to be: (get really detailed and write down all the feelings you would have too)
  • Now, in your current reality, what are your biggest frustrations?
  • What do you often tell yourself about why you can’t have that area the way you want it to be?
  • Who do you know that already has achieved the success you are seeking? (you don’t have to know them personally)
  • Thinking about that person, what do you admire about their success?
  • Imagine that the person was in front of you, what would be the one question you ask them about achieving their success?
  • Now – what do you think their answer could be? Let your imagination run WILD!
  • What do you believe are your biggest obstacles between where you are now and where you want to be?

Take your time to answer the questions and if you need to, go back and really dive deep into the questions that feel the hardest. The hard questions will be where the biggest blocks are hiding.

I’d love to hear your biggest “A-HA’s” from this exercise! Come on over to my facebook page and share with me what your current obstacles are.

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