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Do you ever find yourself taking life too seriously? I know I do.

I look back on moments and think “gosh – I really believed that was super important when it actually means nothing now”. (Ahem, HSC results!)

Then I wonder, how would life be different if I approached each of those “super serious” moments with a light heart instead?

Think about it… what if bill paying was a joyful experience, one where you express gratitude for what you are paying for, instead of it being a burden.

What if going for a pap smear wasn’t scary or awkward but a way of respecting and showing love to your temple that is your physical body?

What if stepping outside the lines at work and being truly creative meant growing, evolving and having fun instead of being worried about losing your job?

When I think of these examples, plus millions more, I instantly feel lighter. I feel happy. A sense of joy fills me up. I feel FREE!

So I really want you to experience this first hand. Where could you set yourself free? Where could you approach something that you traditionally take super seriously with a light hearted sense of humour? Instead of being a massive obstacle to overcome, it was a fun little challenge.

The difference between treating something like a game instead of life or death is that you decide the results, the outcome, will be OK. Whatever happens, you will survive. Whatever happens, you will be ok. Because when we do make mistakes, when we do screw it up, we LEARN, we EVOLVE but we never die.

So let’s make today a game. Let’s have fun. Let’s play all out and really go for it.

Are you with me??

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