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Having a 12 week old baby (I can’t believe he is 12 weeks already!), there are quite a few times during the day I find myself watching TV. Most of the time, it is when I need to feed the little man and I just put something mindless on in the background so I don’t need to follow a story line or anything too complicated. Which is how I started to watch The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Prior to watching this show, I thought judged the women to be shallow, gold diggers and generally a waste of space. However, I found myself to be quite impressed with the women as they have all generated their own wealth. Through their entrepreneurial spirit and devotion to business, they have earned very good money.

Money, wealth, abundance – it’s a hot topic. Some people don’t have enough, some think others have too much and most of us have no idea where it all goes! I’ve done loads of reading on the topic (see below for some good books on money) and have learnt it all begins with a healthy money mindset.

For instance, you cannot be scared of money and at the same time be trying to attract it. Your fear will repel any opportunities for abundance. If you think you have to work hard for money and at the same time buy a lotto ticket each week, then you may as well rip the ticket up as soon as you buy it.

So what do those Melbourne housewives and having a healthy money mindset have in common? Well, how we react to rich people is a HUGE indicator of our money mindset.

If we see a rich person and think “oh, they must’ve scammed a whole bunch of people to have that wealth!” The underlying belief there is: you cannot make a lot of money without ripping people off.

Or, what about the thought “well, its ok for them. They have the luck and better circumstances to make that money.” The underlying belief there is: wealth is only available to a select few people.

What are your initial thoughts when you think of The Real Housewives of Melbourne? Or even the Kardashians? Or any successful, rich reality TV star? Or just any rich person? Those thoughts will be the key to unlocking your deeply held beliefs about wealth. If those beliefs are negative, drop them like a hot potato! You don’t need your brain being the blocker for your wealth.

Instead, chose to have empowering beliefs that serve, support and nurture your goal for unlimited abundance and wealth. Beliefs like “the world is abundant” and “opportunities to make money are all around me”. Because these are true. The world IS abundant. There ARE opportunities surrounding you RIGHT NOW to create more wealth in your life.

I’d love to hear from you, what are some empowering new beliefs about money you can adopt? What do you need to believe about money for your dreams to come true? Hit me up in the comments below!

And before I forget, here are some great books about money mindset:

  • The Divine Law of Compensation, Marianne Williamson
  • Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!, Denise Duffield-Thomas
  • Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

So go on – get RICH!

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