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For so long, I had no idea what my own opinions were. I was too focused on gaining everyone else’s approval that instead of forming my own ideas and opinions, I just agreed with what everyone else said. I used to think that that made me easy going but it really just diminished my own sense of self for the sake of others. 
Unless we practice (daily) stating what we think and acting in a way that is aligned with our core values – we will have no idea what our true self sounds like. 

One of the basic human fears is the fear of not being accepted by others. We all have this fear. We might not necessarily seek acceptance from everyone – just certain people. Like parents, peers and key opinion leaders. Desiring their acceptance will drive us to do just about anything – including forsaking what we truly believe in. 

It’s time to break that habit and amplify our unique voice. 

I’m not saying that you need to get on your soap box or use your Facebook profile as a “dear diary”. What I mean is that in situations where you tend to censor yourself or hold yourself back that you try something different. Instead of worrying about what people might think of your opinion, remind yourself that everyone is entitled to an opinion – especially you! 

Dulling your light does not make others shine brighter. Being less of who you are doesn’t allow others to reach their potential. 

Get familiar with your true voice. Create a habit of putting yourself first. 

It sounds simple but it requires practice. So start small. Rather than going straight to your parents and telling them you are running away to join the circus (difficulty level: HARD), practice speaking your mind and making quick decisions on less risky things. For example, choosing a restaurant. Instead of saying “oh let’s go whereever you’d like…I’m not fussed”, you make the decision. Practice makes perfect and like building a muscle, your true voice will become stronger. 

Now I want to hear from you. Who do you normally silence yourself for? And what would you really like to tell them? Practice by writing it in the comment section below. 

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