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If you want to make change happen faster, question your current circumstances.

We get stuck in a rut and stay in our comfort zones because we don’t entertain the thought that life could be different. We accept what is around us and make it work.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Life doesn’t have to stay the way it is.

Do you want something to change? Do you wish that life was different? Do you often dream of greener pastures?

A great mentor of mine always says “change doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice”. Our life is OUR choice. Our creation.

Look around you and don’t just accept what is.

Instead ask yourself

What could this be?” “What could my life be?” “Could this be different?”

Think about it. Where would we be if no-one ever questioned the status quo?

Women wouldn’t have the right to vote.

Air travel would be a sci-fi idea.

Spotify, Netflix, Uber – all would not exist.

There are thousands of examples of people who have come from nothing and built their wealth. Each day you can see someone pursuing their dreams and living their passion.

That CAN be YOU!

All you need to do is to stop accepting that life has to be what it is now. I’ve often heard the excuse “these are the cards I’ve been dealt”. Well throw them away and get new ones. You can keep getting new cards until you are happy.

But this isn’t a game. This is your life. And you only get one. One chance. One shot. One opportunity…

So ask yourself “what could life be like?”

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