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When I think of where I am in my business – so often I feel a huge sense of shame. Thoughts that float through my head include:

I should’ve been further along than I am right now

Who am I to talk about life success or career success?

So many other people are doing a much better job, how can I compete?

I could refute each of those, plus all the other thoughts that float through my mind. But each of those negative excuses / limiting beliefs are just the symptom of a deeper issue. Which is:

I am scared.

I’m scared of getting it wrong. I’m scared of looking stupid. I’m scared of what other people will say to me. I’m scared of being my own boss. I’m scared of stretching outside of my comfort zone.

I know I’m not the only one to feel like this. We all face fear. Each and every day. Fear is what makes us stifle our own voice and blend in with the crowd. Fear is what makes us play it safe rather than follow our hearts. Fear is what keeps us small.

But – in all seriousness (and this is a question I’m asking myself now…so we can go through this journey together) – what do we have to be scared of? What am I actually scared of?

I heard that Richard Branson has a really awesome, and quick, decision making process: he thinks of the absolute worst case scenario if things went pear shaped and then asks himself “could I survive that?” If yes, then he goes for it.

I think we could apply that same logic here.

What is the absolute worst case scenario of facing our fear? Humiliation? Failure? Embarrassment?

Could we live with that? Um..YES! We aren’t risking our lives here. We are risking our pride. And if it’s going to be between my pride and an amazing life full of adventure, well – you know which one I’m picking!

It’s time to get really honest about what it is that is holding you back. It’s time to stare fear right in the face. It’s time to stop allowing your fear to drive your life.


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