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Who decided that vulnerability = weakness?

When did we, as a society, start to believe that strength meant keeping it together, going through hard times and not saying a word, not needing to rely on anyone for any type of support??? Because I don’t believe they are reflections of strength. I would go so far as to say they reflect fear. Fear of being judged, fear of not being accepted, fear of not being considered “good enough”. And fear is weak. It’s the weakest of the weak.

When someone tries to act “strong” by putting up and shutting up, there is a world of hurt that happens. Not only do they begin to feel isolated and alone, they deny their own feelings. When we keep our feelings hidden, pushed down and out of sight, we create dis-ease within our bodies. It’s as if we are a soft drink bottle that has been shaken but the lid stays on. All that pressure building, building, building – but no where to go.

We need to shift our thinking. We need to get back on board with vulnerability. We need to aspire to have the strength it takes to be able to confide in someone ‘I’m not doing ok right now’. It takes guts, spunk and a whole lotta moxy to let our guard down and truly be honest with someone. When was the last time you had a frank and honest discussion about your sexual satisfaction with your partner? Or if your best friend had been given the ability to read minds, would they recognise what they find inside yours? Does even the thought of being so raw and honest scare the bejezzus out of you? Don’t be surprised if it does. I know I have had my moments (still do!) where I struggle with my authentic truth in the face of my friends. How could I tell them I hate myself?

Being vulnerable isn’t easy and it does require a sh!t-tonne of strength. But, it is through being vulnerable that we feel the deepest ecstasy of love. When we open our hearts up wide, we allow space for the good stuff to flow in. We can’t feel true love if we aren’t willing to bare our souls for it. If we are too scared to risk the pain, we don’t deserve the pleasure.

Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. We are meant to experience the whole rainbow of emotions and experiences available to us on this earthly plane. It’s high time we muster up the courage to explore those territories. Because to be vulnerable is to be strong.

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