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No more waiting. Stop waiting. Today is the day that you start.

So many of us hold ourselves back. Why? Because we’re not sure how we’re going to get from point A to Point B. We’re not sure of all of the steps. We’re not sure of the how’s.

But – You don’t need to know. You don’t need to know all the steps. You don’t need to know how you’re going to get to the top of the mountain.

You just need to want to get to the top of the mountain and you just need to want to take that step. That is your job. Your job is to take the first step. Your job is to want and need something and to be focused on something.

We so often stop because we’re just not sure. We don’t know what to do or what to say. We want to be perfect. And that holds us back too often.

And we wait until we think we’re ready. We wait until we think we’re going to know more. But that time never comes. You’re never going to be ready. You’re never going to know everything you think that you need to know because the truth is…You have everything that you need already within.

Everything that you need already exists within you. You just need to tap into that. You need to tap into that inner capability. That you’ve never tapped into before. But it exists.

You also need to stop trusting in other people instead of yourself. You need to start listening to that inner voice. That inner voice within that pulls you forward. That calls to you. That tells you you’re destined for more. Because you are destined for more. There’s that voice within that knows that you’re capable of greatness. That Wants You To live a life that is extraordinary and full of adventure. There’s that inner voice within you that doesn’t need permission. It doesn’t need other people to approve of them. It just needs to be expressed.

So it’s up to you to express that. It’s up to you to listen to that voice and to take action.  Your job is to listen to that calling and take action on that. Take that first step.

Look at any successful person in the world and they had no idea when they were starting out how they were going to get to where they are right now. It didn’t stop them being successful because they just took one step at a time.

And that’s what you need to do. You need to take one step get really clear on what it is you want. And then from within the answer will be there of what it is that you need to do first. You’ll feel inspired, you’ll feel pulled towards something and that is what you need to follow. That is what you need to chase keep chasing that feeling every time.  Like bread crumbs, just follow that feeling and you will eventually get to where you want to be. You’ll get to your goal. But you just need to start. You just need to make that first step.

You just need to take action because without doing that you’re going to be stuck.

You’re going to stay in your comfort zone. Nothing will change and your life will continue the exact same way that it’s been.  But I know that you are destined for more. I know that you are capable of more and I know you want more.  You just need to stop waiting. Stop hoping that something’s going to change. You need to make the change happen. It needs to come from within you. You need to trust yourself. That what you want is good. You need to trust yourself that you’ve got this. And just get it done.


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