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(here is my love letter to you for this glorious Wednesday, October 22nd 2014)

Being a life coach is an amazing job. I get to share in the life journey of amazing people, helping them break through the layers of limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck and showing them a path to their dreams. It’s not easy, if it were we’d all be living our dreams lives. There is a reason I am called to do what I do. There is demand. This type of work is required.

One of the first things I tell my dear clients is that I don’t give advice. I could, on a professional level, be a business consultant (I have the qualifications and necessary experience). But that’s not my game. That’s not what I want to do. Why?

You don’t need me to tell you what you should do.

There are SO many people out there who feel it’s their responsibility to give out advice like they are santa giving out presents. The fact that we are all walking on this earth means that we’ve had experiences and learnt lessons that could greatly help others. My pain can be turned into your hope. But it doesn’t mean that we should give unsolicited advice to people. Nor should we give advice even when we are asked.

Let me repeat that.

Just because someone asks for advice, we should not necessarily give it.

  • We have become addicted to listening to what others think before thinking for ourselves.
  • We have forgotten what our inner voice sounds like because we are¬†drowning in voices from other people.
  • Our inner guide is a stranger because we so rarely look within for the answer.


But the answer is there. The guidence is there. The wisdom is there. Within us.

This is why my job, my calling, my vocation is so magical. I show people the way back to themselves. I help them rediscover the gold that lies beneath their skin. I connect them with their god given intuition and say “run with the wolves” because that is what you were born to do.

Don’t believe me? Then think about this…

how did you get here? How did you know to come to earth at this time, with the parents you have, in the lifestyle that you grew up in. You chose it all because you knew it was going to give you an adventure like never before.

How did you start walking? Did you ask your parents for the steps? Did you read a book?

How did you first fall in love?

How did you first trust?

How did you first forgive?

You did it because you listened to the guidance within.

So today, be guided by your heart. Be guided by that voice inside of you that is saying “you can do more. be more. have more”.

Be guided by the love that got you here in the first place. Trust that it will protect you and keep you safe as you journey into the unknown. Remember that you are never truly alone. You are always supported. You are always safe when you listen to your heart.

Use the as your affirmation for today and enjoy the journey:


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