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It won’t always be perfect.

In fact, when you start anything, it will almost always be garbage.

But just because it isn’t as good as it one day will be, does that mean you don’t bother?? OF COURSE NOT.

If you don’t start now, if you don’t get comfortable with being garbage, then you won’t know what needs to be perfected and improved for next time. You won’t ever get THERE (that level you dream of that stands for perfection and quality) if you don’t first start out being the apprentice.

Do you think Monet started with his masterpieces? I’m sure he started out with stick figures just like all of us.

And one could argue that “Ben” was not Michael Jackson’s best hit. (Let’s be honest, it is – and always will be – Thriller and Billie Jean tied for first.)

The point is you have to start somewhere by doing SOMETHING. That thing might not be what you end up doing for the rest of your life. Nor does it have to be perfect. It just has to be something that you put out there and get a reaction from. It might be your own reaction or the reaction of others. But ACTION creates RESULTS. Without doing something you will always be exactly where you are right now.

It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s time to stop judging everything by the impossible standard of perfection. It’s time to trust that whatever that is within you dying to come out is valuable and worthy and will be loved.

Know this: searching for approval from others, waiting for others to deem your gifts and talents as worthy will never make you happy. You have to give yourself permission first and foremost. You have to believe in your own value and your own worth. You have to believe that you will get better each and every time you try.

So start today to put yourself out there. Embrace the garbage. Because it is through that process of loving everything that comes out of you that eventually gold will start falling out.

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