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You know that thing that you really really want to do. That desire deep within your heart that you haven’t dared speak a word of to anyone. Just in case it amounts to nothing. Before you committed you wanted some sort of a sign to confirm it is the direction you should head.Well, I’ve got some good news. 

This is that very sign. 

It’s time that you stopped putting your dream last and started taking action towards something that means so much to you. 

This must be a sign because reading this was such a cosmic serendipitous moment. You happened to stumble across my blog or my post and when normally, you’d keep scrolling, you decided to stop and read. 

It’s also a sign because if that is what you need to get started on your dream, then let this be it so you can get to it. 
Truth is…you don’t need a sign. Actually, the indication was within you the whole time. Your own compass was pointing out the direction of your desire. You just don’t trust yourself enough to follow through. Instead, you let other peoples opinions and judgements weigh more heavily than your own. 
No-one is a better judge of what you can and can’t do than YOU. No-one has the bravery, courage or strength like you do. No-one has your unique blend of skills and talents. So no-one will see what you actually can achieve. 
It’s time to stop waiting for a sign from above. Stop waiting for some one else to give you permission. And start believing and trusting in yourself. That is the true magic of life! 

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