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Whatever hardship you are going through right now, I want you to know it is temporary. It might not feel that way. The darkness might feel so overwhelming and never ending that you can’t see a way through. But I promise you this is only temporary. 
I often remind myself of this when I am awake at 3am with a crying baby who hasn’t slept more than 1 hour in a row. When I am so exhausted that my body aches and tears are falling freely from my eyes. When I don’t know what to do and feel so helpless to stop the crying, all I tell myself is that this is temporary. I can’t give myself a pep talk or tell myself to hang in there – even I, Miss positivity queen, can’t see the silver lining in those moments.

But the one thought that gets me through is “this is temporary”.

Yesterday I met a beautiful lady who has a child that goes to the same day care as my children. I learned that her husband had a motorbike accident that had him out of action for 4 years. She was pregnant at the same time as the accident and so not only had a new born to take care of but also a husband. As she was telling me this, she emphasised how the relationship between her and her husband is so much stronger and that the timing was quite divine in terms of having a baby during a tough time for her husband. I’m sure there were loads of difficult moments, times when she questioned how they would get through. But seeing this beautiful woman, positively glowing with happiness, it was again another reminder that our dark nights are temporary. They pass. 

So have a think about the tough moments you have experienced in the past. Can you now see that after having gone through them you are a stronger and wiser version of yourself? Don’t you wish you could go back in time and tell yourself that things are going to get better? 

When you go through hard times from now on, remind yourself that it won’t last. Remind yourself that you will survive. Remind yourself that things will get better. 

Pain is temporary. 

This too will pass.
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