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It’s called the “law of reciprocity” and it ROCKS!

It states that the more you give someone, they then feel compelled to give back.

I could go all into the human behaviour science that drives this fact but chances are you are already aware of this law. In fact, it has probably influenced your behaviour in loads of different ways. For instance, when someone buys a round of drinks, you then feel compelled to get the next round to make it even. Or what about when you are shopping and go into different stores with very different levels of customer service. You find yourself spending your hard earned dollars in the store with the exceptionel customer service.

Why does this happen? Because the more someone gives you, the more you want to give them in return.

Money, time – anything highly valued.

So how can you use it to your advantage? Simple – have an attitude of giving. The more you are willing to give others, the more you will receive.

Examples of this are…

…spending quality time with your friends and talking about what is happening in their lives

…writing emails & letters to let someone know you’re thinking of them

…simply listening. Giving your attention to someone is priceless

…passing on recommendations for books/restaurants/service providers that you really love

Being generous with yourself (your time, your knowledge, your attention) will help you to build stronger relationships with those around you and you will receive a tonne of love and support in return.

The key is to see the universe as abundant. There is always more to be received. What you put out in the world, you get back.



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