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Yesterday I did something that felt completely out of alignment for me. Before hand I wasn’t looking forward to it at all (I knew it wasn’t a good fit for me, but did it anyway). During it, I felt completely disconnected and switched off (totally not myself). And afterwards I felt like crap. Really. I felt like I had sold my soul and really disappointed in myself.

After going through all of those yucky feelings and giving myself time to feel down, I reframed it all as a gigantic lesson on “what Michelle doesn’t want in her life”.

When we are clear on what we DON’T want, we can get clear on what we DO want.

And after yesterday’s dramas, I feel like I want more FUN. I want to stop being serious all the time and really focus on bringing more fun, joy and lightness to my life.

We are now in November and all talk will be about Christmas, New Year and “oh my god can you even believe the year is almost over??” It can be an intense time filled with stress, anxiety and worry.

So instead, let’s consciously invite more FUN into our lives. Let’s go into this magical time of year with laughter and joy.

Not to say that the hard stuff won’t be there. But when we can lead with fun and joy, the hard stuff won’t feel AS hard or as challenging as what it might have.

So I invite you to inject some FUN into your day today. Start connecting to yourself again and learning what fun really means to you.

And I’d love for you to follow my journey. You can find me on instagram at @michelle_jack_coaching. 

Let’s have FUN toady!!

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