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I’m sick of people giving advice when they have no experience or success on the subject. I honestly don’t know why people think they are entitled to go around, yammering on about things they actually have no idea about. All the while, you are listening and you feel your dreams getting crushed.

Like the time you told your parents what you really wanted to do for a job? They told you to get real and stop dreaming.

Like the time you spoke of earning millions and millions of dollars? Everyone around you said to buy a lottery ticket.

We’ve all been in situations like this. And it is time that we stop listening to people that are not qualified to give advice.

I once spoke to a year 12 student, asking her what she wanted to do after she finished high school, she answered “real estate agent”. But then she said “but mum doesn’t think it would be very good and I wouldn’t earn a good income.” My response “what does your mum do? Is she in real estate?” The girl answered no. I then preceded to name 3 people off the top of my head who had earned millions in real estate.

My advice to the girl: when someone tries to shoot down your dream, ask them this: “what is your experience? And are you successful?”

There will ALWAYS be evidence to support that your dreams are possible. There will ALWAYS be someone who has made more money than you, who can show you how to do it too. So instead of asking people that can’t manage $2 let alone $2 million – go seek advice from the experts.

Stop allowing the non-dreamers to put you down because you refuse to stay small.

Give yourself permission to dream big and go for it!

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