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Praise for Michelle

 Monica Sandercock


I contacted Michelle Jack in order to get some more order and clarity to my goals for this year, and assistance in how to achieve them as rapidly as I could.The outcome was above my expectations and I instantly felt more confident and clear on how and why I would achieve my goals, it really felt like a brick had lifted from my shoulders!

I would strongly recommend anyone who want to kick some butts this year in any area of their life to contact Michelle. Her amazing fun, loving energy is very contagious and the level of commitment is high!

Learn more about Monica here.



Vanessa Medling

Vanessa Medling_2

I jumped at the opportunity to take up Michelle’s offer for a goal strategy session. It appealed to me as given I knew it was limited to 30 minutes, I knew straight away Michelle would be focused and straight down the line and I would achieve the results I wanted. I wasn’t disappointed!

The biggest impact for me was a shift in my language for one of my goals. Michelle asked me great questions to really get me thinking about what my actual goal was, and through this process I expanded my thinking outside the box and that gave me immediate freedom. She was also able to provide valuable insights and suggested a resource for me to follow up, which was awesome! The content on that website was exactly what I needed, for Michelle to pick up on that was very impressive.

I would highly recommend this session to others who want to achieve results. Michelle held me accountable, and the email I received within half an hour put down on paper exactly what I had commitment to do. She also offered a follow up session in a few week’s time to see how I’m tracking, which to me exemplifies her genuine interest in helping me – it certainly wasn’t a tick and flick! All in all, it was a positive and empowering experience!

Thank you Michelle, can’t wait to let you know how I am tracking with each of my goals.


Tash Menkens

Little_Aussie_Cheerleader_Logo_Pom_Pom_FacebookIn the short time I had the pleasure of working with Michelle on my goals for 2015, I found her engaging, light-hearted and fun. We worked together to clearly distinguish the goals out and addressed some possible roadblocks. At the conclusion of my session she laid out my goals for me in a way that I could make an action plan and gave me the gift of being able visualize a future with them achieved. If you have an opportunity to have Michelle get fire in your belly, go for it!



Elisha Crismale

Elisha_I approached Michelle from Little Aussie Cheerleader as I felt I was lacking clarity and direction in life in general, I also felt like we really connected and she was the right coach for me.
I committed to a 6 session course with Michelle, and in our early sessions she helped me define the areas that I was not completely happy with, and during or coaching sessions she helped me overcome any issues that came up in these areas. The result? Was a happier me overall!
One thing I really loved about Michelle was the energy and positivity she gives off, I found the experience really enjoyable and I am a better person for allowing myself to work with Michelle.
I would recommend Michelle from Little Aussie Cheerleader to any woman looking for more direction in life! If you want to become Feisty and Fearless, Michelle is the coach for you!

Learn more about Elisha here.



Caitlin Pearson

Little_Aussie_Cheerleader_Logo_Pom_Pom_FacebookMichelle from Little Aussie Cheerleader found me in a time that I now refer to as my ‘walking in the wilderness.’ I had been lost, demotivated, afraid; I doubted myself, my abilities, my opinions and my decisions. Through gentle coaxing and sometimes a big dose of brutal honesty, Michelle allowed me to view myself through the eyes of others and realise what an amazing young woman I am. Through my sessions with Michelle I have delved into and analysed so many aspects of myself and as a result I have grown tremendously. Michelle has laughed with me, cried with me and inspired me to believe in myself, set goals, be proud of my achievements & be motivated not discouraged by my past challenges.

Michelle has become my surrogate mum, best friend, life coach, favourite feel good food (chocolate) & life saver all rolled up in one infectiously enthusiastic package!!! She has made me feel good about life and the opportunities I have. I know I will forever have my little cheerleader by my side endlessly encouraging, believing in me and pushing me to achieve my wildest dreams! To Michelle I say thank you for all that you have done. You saved my spirit & my dreams from being lost forever! My praise of you & my appreciation of your work couldn’t be more heartfelt.




 Rebecca Jordan

Little_Aussie_Cheerleader_Logo_Pom_Pom_FacebookThe life makeover workshop was really beneficial. I was very nervous and not sure what to expect but Michelle is really friendly and open minded, she communicates well and has a really great energy. The life makeover workshop really changed my perspective on aspects in my life. I look forward to more workshops Michelle has on. She is a great motivator. Definitely recommended!



Kara Dario

Little_Aussie_Cheerleader_Logo_Pom_Pom_FacebookMichelle was a very engaging and confident facilitator. The life makeover workshop uncovered goals and wants that I didn’t even know that I had! Sensational session! I’ve enrolled in the next one already!



Jon Wearne

Little_Aussie_Cheerleader_Logo_Pom_Pom_FacebookI had the pleasure of having 6 sessions with Michelle, which I must say has made me reassess certain aspects of my direction in life. I was unsure what to expect from the process but I found Michelle to be very skillful in guiding me towards talking through some unexpected topics relating to where I’m at and where I’d like to be.
During the weeks of our sessions, my stepfather and a close friend passed away from cancer, which meant we had to skip some weeks but we had no problem rescheduling. Such events can make you reflect on how precious life is and we only get one chance to live every day. Michelle prompted me to think more clearly about what I really want to do with the rest of my life and I’ve since taken steps to explore that further. I recently spent a weekend with some friends on their farm where we talked about some of the issues raised in the sessions, and also looking at the possibilities of a future “tree change”. I’ve made more of an effort to catch up with some people I’ve been “too busy” to see and I’m making a commitment to do more of that, as well as making time for myself.
Michelle has a very gentle way of giving you strategies to explore what you want to get out of life and getting you to talk about it. She had some wise advice to give along the way, but mostly just guided the conversation and let you rediscover thoughts and dreams that you may like to explore further. Michelle is a good listener and I looked forward to our weekly chats.
I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to get the most out of life.

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