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I love being motivated and having days where I get a lot of stuff done. The days where I tick off my whole to do list I feel like an absolute winner.

BUT – I do not feel like this every day. Sustaining that level of energy for a long time leads to burn out. And it’s just not natural.

There are days when it is super easy for me to get pumped and inspired but other days it is much harder. For instance, this morning I woke up with a headache after a very broken sleep with my 9 month old – I felt completely unable to create an amazing awesome day. I wanted to be motivated and have an amazing day but it just felt hard to do it.

Because creating the life of your dreams takes effort. It takes hard work. It takes persistence and dedication. And some days, those things are hard to summon. Especially when your energy levels are low and you aren’t feeling 100%.

Does that mean we stop? Absolutely not. We can’t stop each time we get sick or feel tired or lack the motivation. We would never get anything done otherwise.

Instead we have to listen to our bodies. We have to tune into our energy. We have to be aware of what is going to be the MOST productive thing for us in any given moment.

For example, if you are having a day where your energy is low, give yourself a smaller to do list with lots of breaks in between. If your body is saying go to bed early, listen to that.

Everything is cyclical. When we are in times of low energy, we need to rest more and do less. But when we give ourselves the chance to rest, we are even more productive in the times where we feel huge surges of energy.

So don’t expect yourself to be able to go 100% each day. Listen to your body and work with it.

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