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If there was just one message you could take into each and every day it would be this: stop wasiting energy focusing on things that don’t matter, that don’t lift you up, that don’t make you happy. Instead, spend energy focusing on finding solutions to your problems, on challenges that are going to stretch you outside of your comfort zone, on sh!t that makes you happy.
What you focus on is what you get. What you resist persists. Whilst this all sounds very fortune cookie-esque, it’s 100% true. I so often hear people wanting more money, wanting more friends, wanting a different style of life. And it’s great to have those goals – we should all be striving for more! But then I hear the excuse or the current reality. So it’ll go something like this:
“I wish I had more money. My pay sucks”
“I would love to be fitter. I’m just so lazy”
“I would love to feel good, I’m just so stressed all the time”.

Get this – you can’t get more money when you are thinking that what you are getting at the moment “sucks”. You can’t be fitter if all you think about yourself is that you are “lazy”. And how the hell can you start to feel good if you are just feeling “stressed”.

It’s time to change the conversations we let ourselves have. It’s time to switch focus. When our focus changes our environment changes. We start seeing opportunities where before there were only walls blocking us. So instead of staying stuck in what we don’t want, it’s time to shift gears and create new realities, for example:
“I wish I had more money. I’m going to set up a savings plan and maybe speak to a financial advisor about what options I have to clear my debt”
“I would love to be fitter. Dancing looks like a fun way to raise my heart rate and get sweaty!”
“I would love to feel good. So I’m going to pat a puppy”

This isn’t about ignoring the reality you are facing. It’s about choosing to believe it’s temporary and looking for a solution. And the only person responsible for finding a solution or a way to a better life is YOU.

So what are you choosing to focus on? Focus on the good stuff and let the negative stuff flow out of your life. It’s all temporary!

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