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We are all dreamers.

We all have an inspiring vision for our future. We know what house we’d like to live in, the people who would surround us, what we would be doing for money, what clothes would be hanging up in our cupboard etc.

But then a little voice from inside our head says “ok, dream time over. Get back to reality now”. Suddenly our brain is FILLED with all the reasons WHY we can’t have this future.

…you need WAY more money

…that is just wishful thinking

…you need to be super smart to do that

…insert other limiting beliefs here.

But – your dreams AREN’T just wishful thinking. They DON’T have to be just a fantasy.

Whatever you THINK ABOUT you have the ability to create.

You have the potential, inside of yourself, to bring your dreams into reality. Whatever they are. You have been given these dreams for a reason. And that reason is: only you can breathe life into them.

Stop FIGHTING your dream.

Stop coming up with reasons as to WHY you can’t do something. Instead, focus on what you CAN do to make your dream possible.

Trust me, when you are 80 and reflecting back on your life, you are going to wish you had’ve tried a lot more than gave excuses as to why you can’t.

When you start to train your brain to look for ways to make your goal possible, opportunities will crop up everywhere and in unexpected places. You will discover just how truly resourceful you are and what you can actually accomplish.

So remember – stop fighting your dreams. They need you to step it up and make it happen. No-one else can do what you do.

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Go out there and make your dreams come true!



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