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It’s the first day of March and the first day of Autumn. With the change of seasons, we are reminded how time continues to move on regardless of whether we are ready for it or not.

When we are feeling good – time passes with euphoric joy and happiness. We are able to mark the passage of time with great memories.

But when we are not in a good space – time can move so slowly. It can feel like you are stuck in a slump for ETERNITY.

Life isn’t always sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. (God, how annoying would it be if it was?) What makes life so awesome is the peaks and the troughs. We experience joy because we have experienced it’s contrast: sadness. The light cannot exist without the dark.

So yes, dark times are a part of life and we do just have to put up with it. BUT there are ways we can move through our dark times with grace and ease.

First, it is really important to acknowledge how you feel. Don’t try to deny how you are feeling or shrug it off and say it’s because you are just tired. Do not question the legitimacy of your feelings. They are there whether you want to label them “right” or “wrong”. So acknowledge you are feeling the way you are feeling instead of trying to change it or cover it up. Feel the feels.

Secondly, be gentle on yourself. There will be days where you will be in the flow and can get so much done. But on days when you are feeling down, don’t give yourself a huge to do list. Instead, give yourself a break. Slow down. Breathe deeper. Walk slower. Eat more mindfully.

When you are feeling low, get quiet and listen. Your soul has the map to help you get back to a place of calm and contentment. Your soul knows what it needs to get realigned and balanced. So get quiet, get out of your head and listen to your heart.

Do something just for you. Listen to some really melodic music, watch a beautiful film, move your body gently (yoga or a gentle walk), sit in a warm bubble bath, make yourself a delicious cup of tea. Do something for YOU. Something that makes you feel good and doesn’t require too much effort.

Finally remind yourself that what you are feeling is temporary. This too shall pass. You aren’t able to zap away the crappy feelings but you can take heart in knowing that won’t be around forever. We are constantly changing and life around us continues to move on. So what you are feeling know will pass. It’s not going to be forever.

Well there are just a couple of ideas that can help you during a dark time. Do you have any more? Share them below – I’d love to know what you do when you are going through a dark time.


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