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The past two days have been dedicated to becoming aware of what is holding you back (check it out here) and the lessons you need to learn (learn them here!).

Today is all about releasing the blocks.

Releasing is an ACTION. The past two days have been more of a reflective process – lots of thinking and introspection. Today is where we take those learnings and ground them in some forward action. Taking inspired action helps to build momentum as well as really integrate what we’ve learned into our cells.

This is important: if you don’t take action on what you have learned, like water off a ducks back, nothing will change. Life will stay the same and the impact will be ZERO. So don’t waste all the work you’ve already done – commit to success. Commit to your dreams. Commit to yourself.

The best way to release and overcome your blocks is to take action. So what you need to do is ask yourself

“what is the best first step for me to take right now?”

If the lesson from yesterday was that you need to get more resourceful around money or time – make a plan. Start a budget, read a financial book, recruit a financial advisor, ask someone to look after the kids so you can have some time to dedicate to what you want. Get creative!

Don’t hold yourself back because the action step feels too hard. This is the developmental curve you need to experience.

It’s not going to get easier! It will never get easier. Ever.


As soon as you do that hard step, you will become stronger. You will learn new skills. You will uncover hidden potential within yourself.

And most of the time, the hard steps always ALWAYS seem much harder than they actually are.

So take some time now to write down a few action steps that you can take and schedule them in. Do one a day. Set aside some non-negotiable time to get it done. Remember, nothing will change unless you first change.

If you want some support and some accountability to take action, come on over to my facebook page and let me help you. I am AWESOME at holding people accountable to what they need to do.

Make sure you also sign up to receive my daily inspirational emails so that your new found momentum can be supported.

You’ve got this girl. Now go get it done!

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