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In each moment you are creating your future.

You thoughts breathe life to your actions which creates results that unfold in your future.

If your thoughts are constantly in the past – agonising over what was, regrets, cringe moments – then you will just bring more of that into your future. You are sentencing yourself to a life of reliving those moments over and over again.

If your thoughts are constantly in the future – worrying over what might be, over things that haven’t even happened yet – what you actually want won’t have the space to show up.

That’s why presence matters.

That’s why it is important to be right into the moment. Each moment. Daily.

So, how? I hear you ask “how can I be present when I have to think about this project for work and then what I’m going to cook for dinner and then what I need to buy for my family for christmas and then how I’m going to pay those bills and whether I actually want to be living this life or not??”

I hear you. I used to think that “being present” didn’t mix with reality. That there is a divide between being in the moment and being able to be adequately prepared for what each moment has in store for us.

But I would challenge you to see that by being in the moment actually gives us greater ability to react. Because we aren’t reacting, or even just acting, from a place of fear or lack. We are taking action from a place of centred balance, completely in tune with our inner desires and true voice.

When we are in the present moment, we are telling that stupid head voice to be still. We aren’t following the story it wants us to and instead, we are tuning into a completely different part of ourselves. Our soul. It will feel foreign at first. And we might not trust what it says. But it’s not wrong. In fact, it’s never wrong. The more you stay with that voice, the more you learn what it sounds like, the more you trust in what it says, the sooner you will realise that life can be even more amazing than you could’ve imagined.

Set reminders on your phone for regular alerts to tune in and get present. Start your day with meditation and journaling. Stop multitasking and practice mono-focus. Just a few ways you can introduce more presence to your day.

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