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So you want to have a dream life. You are dreaming of a better career (wouldn’t it be great to have a top position in this company?) or dreaming of a better relationships (oh yeah, I’d love to be in a loving committed relationship) or even just dreaming of abundance (money money money!).

You’ve been meditating, vision boarding, affirming, and praying for something to change. You have the dream life playing out in your head and can practically put yourself in that picture and feel the feelings of having it each day. But it’s still not happening. WHY? In your head, you think ‘the law of attraction says I have to “ask, believe and receive”. Well I’ve asked, I do believe so why aren’t I receiving?’ Even if you haven’t even heard of the law of attraction, if you are just dreaming of a better life you might be thinking ‘why do I feel so stuck?’

I’m going to be upfront here and burst that bubble you’ve been living in. No one is coming. No one is coming to help you out of that crappy job. No one is coming to introduce you to that perfect partner. No one is coming to give you millions and millions of dollars.

Why isn’t anyone coming? Because we don’t need them to. Everything we need to move towards the life of our dreams is inside us right now. The only thing that is missing is ACTION. You are in charge of your dream therefore it is your responsibility to put yourself on that path. No one else created that vision you are holding in your head, it was you. Only you can bring that vision to reality.

The second step in the law of attraction, ‘believe’, is actually a two-step process. You need to believe that what you want is possible (by the way it is!) and you also have to take action. You don’t need to know each step that will take you to your goal, you just need to know the first one. Like my hero, Will Smith. His father knocked down a brick wall and asked Will and his brother to rebuild it. Will and his brother thought the task was impossible – couldn’t be done by two small kids. But they knew they could lay a brick. So, they built that wall but only laying one brick at a time.

Ok, so here is the success formula for achieving your dreams. It’s fail-proof.

  1. Believe your dream is possible. Remove every shred of doubt and replace it with pure faith.
  2. Take action. However big or small, take the first step. Start building momentum. A way will be made clear once you start on the path.
  3. Not sure what the first step should be or have you become stuck at a step? Get back in touch with your vision. Meditate. Clear your head. When an idea pops up, don’t question it, just go with it. If an idea pops up and you dismiss it saying ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘that wouldn’t result in anything’ then you are actually blocking your dream from being reality.

I challenge you to try the above process and see how it works for you. Do you feel closer to your goals? Did you start taking steps and re-evaluate your vision? Comment below and tell me how it has or if it hasn’t worked for you.

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