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We spend most of our waking lives at work. A fact, I’m sure, that has not gone unnoticed by you. Whatever level of happiness you feel from your job, you can always do better.

Here are my top tips for making work a fun and exciting place to be!

  1. Communication is key. Are you speaking up for yourself? Are you voicing your opinions in meetings? Feeling heard and communicating your thoughts with your team is a sure fire way to feel happier at work. Not to mention make you feel like a valued member of the team.
  2. Eat The Frog First. A lovely tip from Brian Tracey – do the tasks you most dread first thing in the morning. Once you have those out of the way, you have more energy and momentum to crack on with the more enjoyable aspects of your job.
  3. Wear your favourite power undies to work. It’s your little secret and it’ll put a bounce in your step!
  4. Formulate your career path. Map it out. Work out where you see your next couple of career moves going. Then, on a Friday afternoon, take your boss out for coffee and share this with them. You’ll never know what could happen!
  5. Host a morning tea for your team or department. Ask people to bring in a plate of nibbles and bring everyone together. If you want, you can even ask people to donate and have the money go to a charity.
  6. For you solo-preneurs, meet up with other solo-preneurs. Find some office space once a day where you can all work together. Even though you might be in different fields, having other people around can really help to liven up your day.

Finally, and here is my biggest tip of all, separate your IDENTITY from your JOB. Who you are and what you do are two separate things. Give yourself permission to be happy even when there is major stress happening at work. Because guess what? The world isn’t going to end.

So what can you do today to add more glitter to your work? How can you bring the fun and joy back to your desk? Where can you add the love and find your satisfaction? I’d love to hear from you, comment below and tell me how you are going to bring more joy to work with you.

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