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My purpose in life is to empower women to become feisty and fearless.

Let’s take a step back for a moment and talk about what it means to be feisty and fearless. It means having the courage, confidence and strength to dream big and go for it no matter what. Being feisty means not settling. Being fearless means accepting that fear is the greatest indicator for where magic happens.

Being feisty and fearless is the greatest act of self love. It says “I am the most important person in my world and I deserve all of my heart’s deepest desires”. Because YOU DO.

What happens when a woman becomes feisty and fearless? In short – it creates a ripple effect that touches the whole world.

Firstly, her life changes. She starts forging a satisfying and fulfilling career. She falls back in love with her body and feels a level of vitality that she never thought was possible. Her relationships are deeper and much more passionate. Life is amazing.

The ripples begin.

Her friends and families notice. They are instantly inspired by the light she has switched on inside her and, simply by her shining, they begin to shine too. The ripple effect then touches their friends. And soon, friends of friends. The ripples go wider.

Her colleagues and work associates are similarly touched by this new wave of enthusiasm and the standard of work lifts. They all start expecting more from themselves and produce better quality work. This then affects all the suppliers, clients and customers of this business. They are grateful for the better quality product and feel the wave of positivity catch them too. Ripples on top of ripples.

What is AMAZING is that when we are the best version of ourselves, we show others what is possible. When someone sees potential in another person, they can also recognise potential in themselves. When we see someone go for their dream to be the world’s greatest accountant, it gives us permission to shoot for the stars too. (Note: I’m not sure if there is an award for the world’s greatest accountant, but if that is your dream then you go girl!)

Feisty, fearless women show others what is possible.

I know I can’t change the world on my own. That’s why I’m creating my Feisty, Fearless Female army.

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