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This morning I meditated.

I don’t normally. It is one of those things I know I “should” do but most often tend to opt for those extra few minutes of precious sleep. (Having kids that wake up during the night will do that to you).

But this morning I got up, dabbed on some frankincense essential oil and sat down for half an hour. In silence.

During that time, about a gazillion thoughts flooded my head from the current status of my bank account to what I should pack for lunch today. I also had loads of ideas pop up on what I should post about today and potential pod cast episodes. Some of these ideas had me feeling restless. Like I wanted to just stop sitting there doing “nothing” and just get shit done.

But that was when I realised: we are in such a hurry to get things done. Sometimes we can fill our whole days trying to get things done. The busy-ness of life has become our business. One that we have prioritised over everything.

As we do this, we are missing the point of sitting in silence and connecting to that voice within. Connecting to that true self who is guided, not by fear or desire for affection, but by the sheer need to express ourselves fully.

If we go about our day without first checking in and getting clear on what it is we ACTUALLY want to be doing with our lives, we will forever be chasing our tails and doing busy work.

Motivation and inspiration come from being fully connected with what our heart and soul want us to be. When you are deeply connected with your purpose, it no longer becomes a struggle to take action and make progress. It becomes the greatest desire you have.

Meditation won’t always result in earth shattering ideas. Sometimes you might even feel even foggier. But the whole point of meditation is to take your ego, your head voice, out of the equation and learn to listen to your heart. Learn what that voice sounds like. And learn to trust it again.

So I encourage you to spare just 10 minutes today to find a quiet spot and let your mind pause. Connect to that voice within that has been trying to get your attention. Connect to your heart and give it the space to tell you some amazing things.


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