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Welcome to part 2 of my Money Talk series. (If you missed part 1, check it out here.) 

This article is all about taking what you learned about yourself yesterday and taking it one step further. Because we cannot expect to change our circumstances with the same level of thinking that created it (thanks Mr Einstein for that quote!)

The last post was all about getting awareness of the thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back. You identified the limiting beliefs you have around wealth, money and abundance. It’s not easy work, so good on you. Holding up a mirror to ourselves is confronting and sometimes scary. But it’s necessary.

But, I’ve got some bad news. We’re not finished.

Why? Because what you discovered is just the tip of the iceberg. It is now time to let some financial experts, those who have achieved enormous financial success, to give you some money mindset pointers.

If you want to be really wealthy and abundant, it’s time to learn HOW to make that happen. You’ll discover it’s not just about saving (although that is a big part of it). There are loads of resources out there that can help you on your path to financial success. Here are some that I highly recommend

  • The Barefoot Investor “The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need”: An independant financial advisor who puts financial strategies into easy to understand and easy to implement ways. GET THIS BOOK!

    Photo by Yassine Laaroussi on Unsplash

  • Denise Duffield-Thomas Money Mindset Mentor: Loads of great advice on her blog as well as a free money mindset workshop. Check her out here.
  • “The Law of Divine Compensation” By Marianne Williamson: a great book that approaches money and careers from a spiritual perspective
  • “Money” by Tony Robbins: Tony sought the advice of billionaires and millionaires to help the everyday person grow their wealth and put it all down in a book. This is a MUST read!

On top of those resources, I highly recommend sitting down with a financial planner and having a good honest chat about where things are at for you. Setting goals, working through your current reality and creating a road map to where you want to be is so powerful, even more so when you are with a professional who just get’s you. (NB: Shop around for a planner you click with. AND who walks the talk. Not all financial planners are created equal!)

Start to create a wealth library for yourself. Build your knowledge and watch as your confidence grows. The more confident with money you become, the greater your ability to grow your wealth becomes too.

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