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Albert Einstein once said ‘our problems can’t be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them’. What this amazing man is telling us is that our mindset needs to shift if we want to see shifts in our lives.

On the weekend, I held a workshop for some lovely ladies. The topic of the workshop was ‘what you focus on, is what you get’. We discussed the idea of how our brains truly affect what we attract into our lives and what goals we set. Our thoughts also affect the limiting beliefs we have and how we go about creating satisfaction for ourselves. It’s not about external forces helping you to act or give you permission, it’s all about your focus and your mindset.

To drive the point home, as a life coach I enjoy solving people’s problems. I help them to get ‘unstuck’ and bust through their obstacles. If a client came along with a seemingly huge problem, and I had the mindset of ‘shit, how am I ever going to be able to help them’? What might the result be? If you are thinking ‘well, that person just wasted their money seeing a crack coach’ you’d be right. My mindset has to be, and always is, we are all whole and complete, we don’t need fixing. When I have this mindset – there is nothing too big that I can’t do.

So today, I want you to become aware of your mindset. What are you telling yourself? How are you imposing limiting beliefs on your life? In what ways have you kept yourself stuck?

The first step to getting what you want in life is to first understand your current mindset. It is through understanding what our mindset IS that we can then begin to change it to what we want to BE in order to HAVE and achieve our goals.

I’d love to hear from you. In the comments section below, tell me what limiting beliefs you have that are currently keeping you from playing bigger in your life.

Remember, I’m on your team, cheering for you.


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