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I embarked on this challenge for several different reasons but one major reason was mental clarity. Not only did I want to be able to think clearly but I also wanted to clear my mind of all the negative pollution that has built up over the years.

By negative pollution I mean limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts.

Our perspectives are shaped by our values, beliefs and experiences. For example, the way your parents dealt with money will influence your own relationship with money. So if they always said “rich people can’t be trusted”, then you will struggle to create wealth for yourself because you will have linked abundance with untrustworthiness.

Meditation is a way to remove all of these limiting thoughts and re-align our minds to their true nature, which is one of possibility and love.

This was the theme of today’s meditation.

I woke up wanting to get some sort of guidance. The meditation I did was exactly for receiving guidance. During the 20 minute session, I learned that I always have the ability to listen to guidance. But my head (all of the negative pollution) gets in the way. My head is the biggest obstacle between me and my goals.

So the biggest take out for today was that I really needed to get over myself.

I need to get over the limiting beliefs that hold me back.

I need to get over all the worries I have about being accepted or loved.

I need to get over the false ideas that I am not good enough or smart enough.

Meditation helps me to connect to my inner self. The more I am in touch with that part of myself, the more I can start listening to and following that voice. The more I can start trusting myself.

This is what meditation can do for you. Meditation can help you to trust yourself more, to motivate you to achieve more than what you have now.

From now on, meditation will be a key tool I use to help me unlearn all of the limiting ideas that have kept me stuck and will clear my mind so I can move forward confidently in the direction of my goals.

When I first started this challenge, I thought it would be great if I could feel more energy and more balanced. What I’ve experienced has smashed my expectations. Meditation is giving me much more than I thought it would.

Looking forward to the next couple of days. I will definitely be continuing a daily meditation routine after the 7 day challenge is over. If this is what I’ve experienced in 5, can you imagine what a month of meditation would do?

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