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If ever there was a day when the world needed to meditate, it would be today. Last night it was confirmed that Donald Trump was voted in as the new President of the United States. Everywhere I looked, I could see fear, anger and anxiety. There seemed to be a lot of concern for how this would affect life as we experience it now.

It can be easy to get swept up in these heightened emotions and carry on the conversation about “what if?” but that doesn’t do anyone any good.
When we feel out of control of the world around us, we need to come back within. By focusing on the one thing we do have control over, ourselves, we can start to feel more empowered, confident and positive.

Not only was the world going crazy, but my own world went a bit crazy today. I took my sleep deprived self and baby off to shopping where I faced a few of my own inner demons. When I was struggling to find a nice outfit, a negative voice popped up to remind me how crap I looked. When I was frustrated at trying to shop with a crying baby, that negative voice told me I was a bad mother. Today, more than ever, was a day I needed to make time for meditation.

And so I did.

After I came home from the shops and was able to put Amarah down for a nap, I found a great guided meditation track on Spotify called “Loving Kindness” (check it out here: I chose this particular track because loving kindness is exactly what I needed right now.

Today I realized that we can use meditation like medication. Just as we would take a pain killer for a headache, we can listen to meditation tracks when we feel a certain way.

Feeling down on yourself? Listen to a loving kindness meditation.

Need a clear head? Google “meditation for clarity”.

Worried about money and finances? Pick from the thousands of money related meditations on youtube.

There are so many meditations out there created for specific purposes.  From sleeping troubles to weightloss – you name it and there will be a meditation for it.

While it is great to cultivate a meditation practice (hence my 7 day challenge), meditation can also be something we seek out in our time of need. Don’t feel like you can only practice meditation on a regular basis. You can still get the benefits from it if you do it ad hoc, whenever you have the time and/or need.

If I’ve learned anything over the last couple of days it’s this: meditation is flexible, it can be done anytime, anywhere and in any form. We really have no excuses to not meditate. If you want to meditate, do it. Find 10 minutes, sit in stillness and breathe. It really is that simple.

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