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Day 3 of 7 and I learned something quite valuable. You can’t expect meditation to do all the heavy lifting.

Today I had a pretty busy morning and by the afternoon I decided that when I could get 15 minutes, no matter where I was, I would sit and meditate.

So that’s what I did, when I saw the time free, I sat on the couch and fired up the same meditation I used yesterday (you can check it out on youtube here:

Instead of settling into my meditation session relaxed, I was a little bit frazzled. I was thinking of all the things I would do after the meditation. My brain was going crazy. I tried refocusing but it kept running away, over and over again.

Afterwards I realized that I didn’t set myself up for success. I went into that session thinking “I’ve just got to get this over with. Let’s hurry up and do it”

That should not be how we enter meditation.

What good is giving myself the gift of 15 minutes of bliss out time if I spend that time worrying about what I’m going to do afterwards?

We can’t think that just listening to a meditation track is going to help us calm down.

We have to WANT to calm down.

We have to WANT to take control of our minds.

We have to WANT to be relaxed.

I was the complete opposite today. I wasn’t calm, I was allowing my mind to go crazy and I definitely was not relaxed.

So a big part of success is what intention we set before meditating. We need to be clear on what we want the outcome to be and also to be part of creating that result.

Was today a failure? Absolutely not. I have learned something about myself and about meditating that will serve me well in the future. That knowledge is valuable. I might not have gained control of my mind but I have discovered how NOT to do it.

I’ll leave you with this amazing thought, which sums up how I feel about today: there is no such thing as failure – only feedback.

I might not have achieved what I wanted to today, but I showed up, I tried and I’ll do it all again tomorrow.

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