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When you woke up this morning, what was your first thought?

Was it about work? Was it about your partner or your family? Was it about how you felt?

Think about that thought for a moment. Have you got it in your mind? Just follow me here for a sec, this part is important – was that thought about something that you expected was going to happen? Or something that you wanted to have happen?

Because like it or not, you just decided what your day was going to be like. In that moment, you set the intention for exactly how you wanted to live out your day.

All too often we wake up and think ‘damn! I have to go to work today. There is so much to do and I can’t even THINK about facing the boss again!’ Not only are we starting the day with negative thinking but we are also REACTING to things that haven’t even happened yet.

Now – it’s easy to just go through the motions each day. Only making decisions when a situation presents itself. But how much more in control and POWERFUL would you feel if you decided the following:

Today is going to be a great day!

I’m going to have a great day at work and focus on the beautiful people I work with

I’m going to have an amazing date with my partner tonight

I’m going to enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch today.

I AM going to buy that gorgeous dress

Reading that, how does that make you feel? Hopeful? Happy? The above might not ring true for you so create your own daily intentions. (IMPORTANT note: make sure you use positive language. Remove the words; won’t, can’t, don’t… i.e. instead of saying: I won’t let my boss piss me off. Say: I’m going to focus on the great people I work with.)

The point is to get out of bed on the right side! Wake up your brain with positive thoughts about how you want the day to turn out. When you set that intention, when you focus on what you WANT to have happen – you will usually get your way.

So – make today INCREDIBLE!

In the comment section below, tell me what intentions you are going to set to make your day amazing.
Remember, I’m on your team – I’m cheering for you!

Love from Little Aussie Cheerleader

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