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I was driving behind a ute this morning that had this slogan on the tailgate 

Love Where You Live

I realised that this was a message meant exactly for me. And this is why…

Earlier in the morning, I was putting on a tight fitting top and as it clung to my stomach, I sucked in. I questioned “should I wear this top? Will more people ask me if I’m pregnant? Do I look fat?”

Part of me really liked the outfit I put together. It was summery, feminine and made me feel like a goddess.

But another part of me could not stop staring at my mum tum.

I have always had a negative relationship with my body, specifically my stomach. The story I told myself is that a flat stomach is beautiful. A flat stomach means healthy. A flat stomach means people will like me and think I’m attractive.

And I currently don’t have a flat stomach. It is a little bit round and jiggly. My stomach is just not the same as it was before kids. When I look down, I remind myself of my stupid, negative story. That what I am isn’t good enough.

But what I’m missing while telling myself that stupid story, is that I fail to recognise how amazing my body actually is. This part of my body co-created then grew two amazing humans. For a total of 18 months, it was the vessel in which these two souls chose to begin their earth adventure.

I realise now that I need to let go of that old, lame story. I need to release it and not give it anymore attention.

Instead, I will be PROUD of myself and my body. I will be GRATEFUL for what my body was able to do. I will see myself as beautiful, attractive and healthy.

I need to love where I live. And where I live is first and foremost in this physical body.

Thanks to deluded societal standards, too many women have body hang ups. It’s time that we start developing our own standards. It’s time that we love where we live. Love your eyes, your nose and your hair. Love your arms, your thighs and your butt. Love every inch of your skin.

Love yourself instead of waiting for someone else to tell you that you are worthy of love based on what you look like.

Just LOVE YOURSELF for being the amazing, unique, funny, beautiful, attractive, magical being that you are.

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