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Life will throw you curve balls – how you choose to handle it will determine how happy you will be.

This morning my husband was supposed to be having an operation on his knee. Just day surgery. But we had to be up at 4am to get to the other side of the city. We get all of that way, go through the whole process, hubby all set and prepped for surgery. Then – hold it – “does that look like conjunctivitis?” Surgery cancelled*.

Yes – it was frustrating.

Yes – it was inconvenient.

Yes – it was a waste of time.

Yes – it was a waste of money, my mum flew up from Melbourne to help out for the week.

But it is what it is. I can curse the situation, blame the hospital staff, blame my husband, blame god. But it is what it is.

How many situations have you been in where things have gone wrong but are beyond your control? It’s easy to get in victim mode, go “oh woe is me” and think the world is against you.

Except that shit does just happen. It’s random. Bad things don’t happen to you because you’ve done something bad. Life does just throw curve balls.

Your ability to react and bounce back will determine your level of happiness and joy. When you tie your happiness to a particular outcome, something that you can’t necessarily control, you put your happiness at risk.

When you decide that whatever happens, you can handle it. That whatever happens you will be ok and find a way to be happy. You are instantly back in control.

I can guarantee that when you decide to be empowered and take control of your emotions, you will always feel the way you want. It’s your choice.

So when life throws you curve balls, let it be. Decide that you will be happy regardless. Make a commitment to be flexible and resilient.

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*(Important note: conjunctivitis is highly infectious and the chances of infection when operating are high. So it is a blessing that the surgery was cancelled. My dear husband is quite attached to his knees so the thought of losing them to an infection was not a good option.)

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