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This is the second step in overcoming your obstacles in the path to your dreams. (Check out the first step and the overview of the process here.) What lessons are hiding in the blocks and obstacles you are currently facing.

Challenges, blocks and obstacles exist for our growth, evolution and development. Life is all about evolution. Think about when a baby learns to walk. This is top of mind for me at the moment because my 9 month old is so eager to get going! I see my daughter trying to pull herself up but her legs are so wobbly that she soon falls to her knees. Physically her legs are not strong enough to hold her weight. She still has to learn how to balance and keep her body upright. A baby can’t go straight from crawling to walking – there are a series of challenges they have to overcome until they are strong enough to take their first steps.

Life is exactly the same. Say you want to run a super successful, 6 figure business. If one just dropped in your lap right now, chances are you would find yourself so overwhelmed with all of the day to day requirements that a 6 figure business needs to run. Unless you have experienced all the growing pains of taking the business from a no figure through to a 6 figure business, you won’t have gained the skills needed to keep it running.

Each block you face is actually a lesson and developmental step you need to take. So the question then becomes, what is the lesson you need to learn? Yesterday we gained awareness of what the block is and once we know what is blocking us, we can work out what the lesson is or what skills we need to overcome it.

Here are list of common blocks people face and their corresponding lesson:

“I don’t have enough money.” Lesson: I need to learn how to be resourceful with what I have and creative with how I can generate what I need.

“I don’t have enough time.” Lesson: I need to learn how to be more organised. I need to learn to ask for help. I need to learn boundaries. I need to prioritise.

“I don’t think I am good enough/smart enough to achieve my goal” Lesson: I need to learn self confidence. I need to believe in myself.

“I’m scared that other people won’t like me or approve of my decision.” Lesson: I need to learn to love myself enough so that I don’t rely on other people for affection.

There are so many more, I could go on forever. Do you want help understanding what the lesson could be from the block you face? Come on over to my facebook page and share with me what your block is. I can help you uncover the lesson you are facing.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about how to finally release the block and make a path forward. It’s going to be part motivational, part pep-talk, part loving butt-kick to get you inspired to take a big step towards your dreams.

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