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Yesterday I had my yearly check up at the dentist. I always get nervous about going because I should be flossing more and I have a fear that all of my teeth will fall out and I’ll have to wear false teeth! (I love my teeth. Braces will do that to a girl).

Anyway, I was lying back in the chair, mouth wide open, two faces (the dentist and the assistant) peering down and I realised something – I was totally and completely vulnerable.

It was almost like standing naked in front of someone. Having people inspect your mouth (or really any part of you) is invasive and leaves you feeling open and vulnerable.

But I felt completely safe.

I trust my dentist, he is an amazing man and I know he cares for my health. I found myself feeling entirely supported and cared for, despite feeling so open and raw.

And THAT is a CRUCIAL lesson: it can be a really powerful thing to open yourself up to someone and get super vulnerable. But you have to be choosy about WHO you do it with.

If you want to get vulnerable and let someone see the real you deep down, that person must be worthy. They must have only your best intentions at heart. They must see, acknowledge and love your faults. They must be able to have your back no matter what.

It is absolutely soul destroying to get spiritually, mentally and physically naked in front of someone who could not care less about your feelings. Or worse, they act like they care (and maybe they do to a degree) but will inevitably put themselves first.

You will have different levels of friends in your life. Some will be great for a coffee catch up. Some will be great for when you need to have a vent. Some are only good for companionship when you feel lonely. They won’t all be the right people to trust with your innermost thoughts. And that’s ok. Just be aware. Because relationships will dissolve if you expect more from someone than they are willing to give.

Key take outs here are: it’s good to get vulnerable. It can feel incredibly freeing, grounding and nurturing. Just make sure the person you are vulnerable with is worthy of you.

Do you know who that special person is who you can completely open up to? Share this with them and thank them for being an amazing soul friend.

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