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Setting big goals, creating a beautiful vision for your future – it’s all very inspiring and exciting. Going through the process of getting clear on what you want and deciding to get it is awesome. You can be riding a euphoric wave for a few days or weeks even. 
But then you hit your first obstacle. And suddenly the brakes come on. 

Just imagine, you are floating high like a balloon, with all these visions of success and happiness in your mind, and then…

Someone tells you “no”

You come last

Circumstances change and what you thought was there is no longer

Bills come flooding in (instead of cheques)

You feel even further behind than when you started. 

It’s hard. I know the feeling. It’s like being winded. Being kicked when you are down. It can have you questioning everything. 

“Should I even be wasting my time going for this?”

“Is this a sign from the universe that I am going down the wrong path?”

“I thought this was going to get easier – not harder!”
When all of this happens – YOU NEED TO KEEP PUSHING.

Obstacles are all par for the course. Challenges crop up. Shit happens. 

Life isn’t about a smooth ride. It’s about the downs as much as it is about the ups. The downs are part of our growth and evolution. 

So you need to keep pushing. 

When faced with an obstacle, keep pushing.

When faced with a seemingly impossible block, keep pushing.

When you feel completely abandoned and start questioning everything, keep pushing.

Just keep pushing through it. 

It’s all temporary. Things will change quickly. Super quickly. Especially if you don’t fight it and instead learn from it. 

When you push through it you get stronger, you get wiser, you get better. 

You get closer to achieving everything you want. You 

So just keep pushing!
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