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One thing that has been happening to me lately (and pretty much my whole life) is PROCRASTINATION.

Better known as “the thing that holds us back from greatness”.

And it’s true. It really is a major factor that keeps us from realising our true potential and unleashing all of our awesomeness on the world.
I can give you a list the length of my arm of the things that I am procrastinating on: an automated client onboarding process, nurturing email sequence, weekly facebook lives, podcast, my ironing, cleaning out my linen cupboard…

I know I’m not alone. I know that procrastination is probably keeping you hostage too.

Now we could dive into the WHY and try to work out what is the root cause of this, but for now – I have a short term solution for us which is…


Acknowledge that YES there will be pain.
Yes there will be time to invest
Yes there will be sacrifice
Yes it won’t be completely, 100% perfect
Yes you probably will make a mistake (or two)

But why should any of that hold us back? Why do we let it keep us from moving towards what we need to be doing?

Well no more, ladies. No more.

And to take this one step further – declare your TO DO publicly. Just like I’m doing. Declare, loud and proud, what you are going to go forward with. All of a sudden there will be this public accountability. People will ask you about it. And you will have to follow through. No other choice.

So share with me below what is your ONE BIG TO DO that you will stop procrastinating on and JUST DO. I’ll share mine with you too…here goes: I, Michelle Jack, commit to completing my brilliant client onboarding process and email nurture sequence. Get ready for some magic!

Your turn!

Finally – to help you get really fired up and moving towards your dream, I’ve written an ebook on exactly this topic. Get your free copy here. 

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